Recently we participated in another round of street theatre, organizing protestors who had come out to argue against allowing Duke Energy to raise electric bill rates by nearly 20%. Once again we got a good amount of publicity, and Jack was even pictured on the front page of the Charlotte Observer’s print edition on October 12, 2011. Both Jack and Annie testified before the Utility Commission as nearly 50 people explained from their perspectives why Duke Energy should or should not win its appeal for higher rates. The irony is that Duke Energy claims it wants people to use less energy, but it then wants to charge more per unit in order to keep revenue up?? It also adamantly refuses to invest in 21st century technology for harnessing power. Viscera Dance Theatre already protested the proposed merger between Duke Energy and Progress Energy (a merger that would make Duke the largest energy company in the USA, if not the world), and we absolutely oppose their methods for generating electricity. Our environment is our home, and without it we have nothing. Here is a link to more complete coverage: