Last Thursday (May 5, 2011), during Duke Energy’s annual shareholders’ meeting, Viscera Dance Theatre had the great opportunity to work with progressive activists from all stripes protesting Duke’s continued and damaging environmental, legislative, economic and social corporate policies.

Jack Kirven played the role of a legislator keeping people like tax payers and rate payers in line and “whipping” them into shape. Annie Vereen played the role of the rate payer, and constructed all the props and signs. These props included papier mâché models of a nuclear silo and a coal burning plant, both of which came to life by spewing dry ice out of their innards, imitating the pollution that spills out of these types of facilities.

Click here to see a great snapshot from The Charlotte Observer.

The protest was also featured on News 14 and WSOC.

Additionally, the report from WCNC is embedded below.