We had a brilliant idea: Let’s do a dancey dance!!

OMG! In more than five years Viscera Dance Theatre has NEVER choreographed a piece that was only dance, performed to “regular” music, and CONSISTENTLY SET with discernible counts! The closest we’ve come to that is with “Suites for the (bitter)sweet: Co-dependence” (set to music by Led Zepellin but with no counts – it is timed organically and changes with each performance). All of our other works include props, spoken word, drama, multimedia, and sound scores that provide ambiance but no counts. So, as “simple” as it might seem to make a dancey dance, we had never thought to do one until we were asked to do so.

The piece is called “seVen,” and is set to music by Puscifer (pronounced: Pussifer, i.e. Puddy Tat + Lucifer). Within a very short four minutes we will be working our way through all seven deadly sins (their order in the dance: lust, sloth, pride, gluttony, envy, greed, and wrath). We are excited, because it’s so fun to just MOVE! DO SOMETHING! Although there is still a very deep well of thought and consideration given to how we will portray each sin nonverbally, everything is done “simply” through dance. Although this is the default setting for most dance companies, we felt rather brilliant and avant garde with the idea of doing a dance that includes only dance. It just never occurs to us to work on that level. LOL

“seVen” will get its debut on January 14, 2011 at Just Do It! Click here to see the performance details.