Okay, so we had an awesome show tonight! There was a great turn out with really appreciative viewers, and we even got a standing ovation at the end. :) It was really great to have people from Charlotte drive up to Cornelius, and it was also great to have people nearby come out and support a new cultural venue. There were just enough mistakes to keep it exciting for us, but not so many that anything got derailed. One doesn’t want perfection: That is the prerogative of the gods. I believe you need surprises to stay engaged, so I think it was fantabuluscious! Again, many thanks to Marla for letting us perform at The Warehouse Performing Arts Center, and to everyone who came out to see our work. Once I am able to upload the video to my computer and edit the takes together there will be clips available on YouTube.


(Oh, and how’s this for a blooper: We forgot to pee before the performance… So we had to use a bucket in the dressing room. YEEHAW!)