NoDa Art Crawl, June 2011

06/17/2011: NoDa Art Crawl

Viscera Dance Theatre will be performing from 7:00 – 9:30 pm on Friday, June 17, 2011 at the Green Rice Gallery as part of the local art crawl. Performances will happen every 30 minutes and will cycle through “V&B,” “seVen,” and “Suites for the (bitter)sweet: Codependence.” Audiences are encouraged to watch each dance from various angles, as the dance floor will be set up in such a way as to create performances in the round.

Green Rice Gallery

451 East 36th Street

Charlotte, NC 28205


Protesting Duke Energy

Last Thursday (May 5, 2011), during Duke Energy’s annual shareholders’ meeting, Viscera Dance Theatre had the great opportunity to work with progressive activists from all stripes protesting Duke’s continued and damaging environmental, legislative, economic and social corporate policies.

Jack Kirven played the role of a legislator keeping people like tax payers and rate payers in line and “whipping” them into shape. Annie Vereen played the role of the rate payer, and constructed all the props and signs. These props included papier mâché models of a nuclear silo and a coal burning plant, both of which came to life by spewing dry ice out of their innards, imitating the pollution that spills out of these types of facilities.

Click here to see a great snapshot from The Charlotte Observer.

The protest was also featured on News 14 and WSOC.

Additionally, the report from WCNC is embedded below.

Berkshire Fringe, 2011: Application submitted

OMG!! We are so stoked! We sent in an application to perform “Path” in Massachusetts! Do you know how freaking awesome that makes us? In case you don’t: That makes us pretty freaking awesome. We’ll find out in April if we have been accepted, but we sent in a good packet and hope to hear we will be there. Even if we don’t, it was a big step to journey outside our backyard. When we rock out up there, we will DEFINITELY keep everyone posted!

Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School: February, 2011

“While the Story Slam Arts Center team is working on expanding its neighborhood performance space, a couple of the programs will be meeting in other nearby spaces. The 3-hour figure drawing session, Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Arts School, will meet at The Mill, 3306 N. Davidson on Tuesday evening, Feb. 8th. Bring your own art supplies. Doors open at 6:30; drawing starts at 7 PM.

“Our models for the evening will be the Viscera Dance Theatre, one of Charlotte’s hottest dance companies! Please share this info with your friends who’d enjoy a fun evening of figure drawing. Remember, Dr. Sketchy combines the best of ‘bistro and art school.’ It’s not a sedate evening, for sure.”

Click here to see the Facebook event.

Click here to visit the Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School web site.


We had a brilliant idea: Let’s do a dancey dance!!

OMG! In more than five years Viscera Dance Theatre has NEVER choreographed a piece that was only dance, performed to “regular” music, and CONSISTENTLY SET with discernible counts! The closest we’ve come to that is with “Suites for the (bitter)sweet: Co-dependence” (set to music by Led Zepellin but with no counts – it is timed organically and changes with each performance). All of our other works include props, spoken word, drama, multimedia, and sound scores that provide ambiance but no counts. So, as “simple” as it might seem to make a dancey dance, we had never thought to do one until we were asked to do so.

The piece is called “seVen,” and is set to music by Puscifer (pronounced: Pussifer, i.e. Puddy Tat + Lucifer). Within a very short four minutes we will be working our way through all seven deadly sins (their order in the dance: lust, sloth, pride, gluttony, envy, greed, and wrath). We are excited, because it’s so fun to just MOVE! DO SOMETHING! Although there is still a very deep well of thought and consideration given to how we will portray each sin nonverbally, everything is done “simply” through dance. Although this is the default setting for most dance companies, we felt rather brilliant and avant garde with the idea of doing a dance that includes only dance. It just never occurs to us to work on that level. LOL

“seVen” will get its debut on January 14, 2011 at Just Do It! Click here to see the performance details.

Just Do It: Gotta have it!

Annie will be performing a solo in the upcoming presentation of Just Do It. For more information, please follow this link.

Update on Annie’s portrait

Okay, we have been focusing on brainstorming these last couple weeks since the performance of “Path” at The Warehouse. We have come up with some ideas that we are really excited about, and Annie has ordered a free-standing pole with a base that is flush with the floor. We’ll be able to choreograph portions of her portrait at her house, and in time I will start revitalizing “21 Clichés” as well. There’s always so much to do, but it feels great to work on original material! We will have quite a lot of shooting to do, so that the supplementary film portion can be edited in time, and (unlike “Path”) the soundtrack for this one will hopefully be included on the video (since we have the equipment that can do audio output now). So much to do… So much to do…

New work in progress: Annie’s portrait.

We started working this evening toward what will be our on-going summer repertoire: A solo for Annie, a duet with us both, and a solo for Jack. The solos will be portraits of us, and the material for “V&B” and “The ‘I Do’ Proposal” will be reworked as a three-part, multimedia duet that ties the two multimedia solos to each other. I’m very excited to rework “21 Clichés” for myself, since there are some sections to it that I have felt were amongst my best works to date; however, it will also be intriguing to collaborate with Annie on her self stories. We will be sure to keep you current on how the work progresses!

Path, 2010

The performance last night went exceedingly well. The timing of each scene was spot on with the multimedia and the attendees asked some really great questions for the Q&A afterward. It was a very satisfying performance to have captured to video. Tonight should be even better, since the few bugs from last night can hopefully be ironed out for tonight. Yay for “Path!” It really is a great show. I don’t know about Annie, but it all comes to life for me when we start putting the leaves down under the stage lights. That’s when the universe is created for me: When we sweep the straight and narrow with our costumes on and the pre-show music playing…

Greenpeace: 10/10/10 Environmental Awareness Day

Yesterday Annie dressed up like a wind spirit, and we took to the streets in front of the Panthers’ Stadium in Uptown Charlotte. We wanted to bring awareness to renewable energy resources, so our signs focused on windmills, and Annie blew bubbles with kids as they walked by to go to the game. Channel 14 came by, and we even got a little air-time on the local news. Yay!