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Oh, my baaaaaack!

It’s been a rough month for me: I hurt my back a month ago during rehearsal, and I’ve been getting massages. That helped, but the massages couldn’t affect the underlying malalignment issues. So I have found a chiropractor and will continue that course of therapy. “Path” is next weekend, and I want to be able to concentrate on performance, not protection.

At any rate, some exciting news: Viscera now has a 20 x 20 ft sq performance surface that can be taken on the road; new video recording equipment; and the requisite software to edit the footage together into videos that can be uploaded on YouTube. Now I just need the time to do any of it… LOL

Performance summary: AWESOME!

Okay, so we had an awesome show tonight! There was a great turn out with really appreciative viewers, and we even got a standing ovation at the end. :) It was really great to have people from Charlotte drive up to Cornelius, and it was also great to have people nearby come out and support a new cultural venue. There were just enough mistakes to keep it exciting for us, but not so many that anything got derailed. One doesn’t want perfection: That is the prerogative of the gods. I believe you need surprises to stay engaged, so I think it was fantabuluscious! Again, many thanks to Marla for letting us perform at The Warehouse Performing Arts Center, and to everyone who came out to see our work. Once I am able to upload the video to my computer and edit the takes together there will be clips available on YouTube.


(Oh, and how’s this for a blooper: We forgot to pee before the performance… So we had to use a bucket in the dressing room. YEEHAW!)

Dancers dance, they don’t walk (obviously)

Okay, so the running joke amongst most dancers is that we can do anything (except walk). We were rehearsing¬†recently, and as Annie was making her exit during scene 2 of “Path”¬†she started singing and went to take a simple step… It wasn’t so simple after all… I guess she should be glad she swept the floor, since she ate a big slice of it. LOL