Jack Kirven

Jack Kirven, a recovering native of rural Georgia, attended Coker College where he completed B.A. degrees in both Dance and French simultaneously in 1998 (while systematically driving Dr. Bolden nearly insane in the process). He was valedictorian of his class (mostly because everyone else at Coker was drunk all the time). Jack completed his MFA in 2002 at the Department of World Arts and Cultures (WAC, re: “wack”) at UCLA. While working on his advanced degree he studied, taught, choreographed and performed across the USA (Ooooh!) and Europe (Aaaah!). As a professional Jack has worked with several artists and companies, most of whom you’ll have never heard of and don’t care about. He was a founding artistic director of the Royal Corkscrew Dance Theatre in New York City, which never did anything and is included here to make him sound more important than he is. Jack was a high school teacher for two excruciatingly long years, and then a college professor at six universities. He realized he wouldn’t wish the American education system on his worst enemies, and is happy to admit his life is far less complicated now that he’s a porn star. He still wants to be Janet Jackson when he grows up.



Annie Vereen

Annie Vereen, another victim of rural Georgia, attended Winthrop University for a B.A. in Dance Education, but decided she’d rather be homeless than put up with the public schools in South Carolina. Since graduation, she has moved to the big city to teach, choreograph, and contribute to a stronger artistic community in Charlotte (as she leaps tall buildings in a single bound… in stiletto pumps with rhinestones). She became an exotic dance instructor, has taught at several exotic dance studios in the region, and now runs her own exotic dance studio, and completely rocks the short shorts. She also spent many days as an activist for Greenpeace, and totally got arrested at Duke Energy Headquarters to bring awareness of the detriment of coal plants and mountaintop removal has on our planet. Annie is a trained singer, and totally shreds the Tori Amos jams. She has worked with many innovative photographers as a model, and she plays the violin as well as six years of practice and instruction can give her. Recently, Annie blew everyone’s minds in her floral design classes (where she avoided baby’s breath at all costs, and to good effect), and her impromptu faerie houses please the faeries.