Some people wanted to know what we were up to: “We saving the world from Duke Energy… what does it look like we’re doing??”

Today we protested against the merger of Duke Energy and Progress energy. We submitted a press release several day ago, which was published on Creative Loafing’s Blog yesterday (Note: The CLOG has mistakenly credited the photo – it should be credited to Tim O’Brien). The reaction was entertaining: As we walked from where we had parked we began seeing police officers and security officers a full three blocks away from where we were going to protest (they were pointing and talking into their shoulder phones like we were a mob of rioting hoodlums who had to be escorted and monitored at all times). There had to have been twenty officers along the route, and there were nearly a dozen at the venue for the shareholder meeting itself, with seven or eight officers in front of the building itself and another three or four across the street. It was a complete overreaction. One officer came over to examine our gas can, asking, “Is there anything in this?” “No,” Jack replied, “would you like to pick it up and see for yourself?” The officer actually did pick the container up, and he almost looked disappointed that we weren’t there to fire bomb the place. At that point Jack said, “You know, it’s just us – most of you guys could go do something else.” A few minutes later most of the officers were gone. It was funny to see how many people showed up to keep the peace while two performers sat on the sidewalk and snorted through prosthetic pig noses while a recording of a slaughtered hog was looped on repeat.

At any rate, they may have been piqued by a certain section of the press release: “Viscera Dance Theatre‚Äôs repeating skit will feature Jack Kirven and Annie Vereen as conjoined, pig-faced twins devouring resources from a trough of dirty money, coal, and plant materials. The performance shines a light on the greedy and abusive practices that a merged corporation would perpetrate against the people, resources, and climate throughout the nation.” Oops… sorry to get all visceral on you, Duke. Oh… no, wait… we did that on purpose. LOL In addition to the exposure in Creative Loafing and the Charlotte Observer, we also spoke briefly to the Charlotte NPR station WFAE.

This performance will be listed under our repertoire as “The Trough of Greed” once we get more pictures back to post along with the description. Click here to see a picture of us outside the meeting.